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iPresas presents the software tool iPresas PLANERB for dam portfolio management in Madrid - 18/06/2018

Delegates from the Brazilian Ministry of National Integration visited Spain in June for the final phase of the PLANERB project


In May 2016, actions under the PLANERB (“Plan de Acciones Estratégicas para la Rehabilitación de presas de la Unión", Strategic Action Plan for dam rehabilitation in Brazil) Project initiated. This project is the results of a contract conducted by Gas Natural Fenosa and approved by IICA (Instituto Interamericano de Cooperação para a Agricultura) in Brazil and the Ministry of National Integration with title “Consultancy services for developing a strategic action plan for dam rehabilitation in Brazil” ("Servicios de Consultoría para la elaboración de un plan de acciones estratégicas para la rehabilitación de presas de la Unión") funded by the World Bank.

The main objective of this work was to elaborate a structural, organizational and environmental diagnosis of 164 dams in Brazil (owned by DNOCS, CODEVASF and the former DNOS) and perform a strategic action plan to define rehabilitation measures, aligned with the requirements of the Dam Safety Law Nr.12.334 published in 2010. 

iPresas, in the period 2017-2018, has been collaborating with GPG (Global Power Engineering, company of the Gas Natural Fenosa group, for international power generation) within the framework of the PLANERB Project, participating in site inspection visits to part of the dam portfolio, working group sessions and developing a software tool for dam portfolio management, called iPresas PLANERB. This tool allows integrating and representing results from the developed diagnosis for all dams and to define sequences for prioritizing future rehabilitation measures for dam safety improvement.

iPresas PLANERB is a support tool that will promote a risk-informed portfolio management, defining the optimal sequence of dam safety actions at asset and portfolio scale, along with the analysis of different scenarios (current and future). In addition, it allows integrating all documentation of each dam through a clear and easy user interface.

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 iPresas PLANERB (example of results by risk index)
Dam safety in Brazil
The Law Nr 12.334 of 20 of september of 2010 established the required procedures for dam safety management in Brazil, including the development of a National Dam Safety Information System (SNISB).
Based on the register of the International Commission on Large Dams (ICOLD), Brazil accounts for more than 1300 large dams (higher than 15 m or with a dam height ranging from 5 to 15 m but with a reservoir volume larger than 3 hm³). Consequently, Brazil is the fifth country worldwide in number of large dams, but there are also thousands of small dams across the country.     




iPresas presents the software tool iPresas PLANERB for dam portfolio management in Madrid - 18/06/2018
Delegates from the Brazilian Ministry of National Integration visited Spain in June for the final phase of the PLANERB project

iPresas ends the development of a Dam Risk Analysis and Management Guideline for India - 04/06/2018
The Guideline is part of current actions within the DRIP project

iPresas gives a dam safety training course to a delegation of the Government of India - 28/05/2018
The course was held in Valencia from May 21-23

Update on data protection - 25/05/2018
iPresas updates data protection policy based on new EU regulation

Ignacio Escuder, interviewed by Levante and El País - 15/05/2018
He gave several interviews after being elected President of SPANCOLD.

iPresas gives a course on “Risk-informed dam safety management” in Colombia - 26/04/2018
The training, from March 13th to 15th, was held in EPM offices in Medellín

Ignacio Escuder, interviewed by WD E-Magazine (India) - 20/04/2018
This interview was conducted during his stay in India for developing a dam risk analysis and management guideline within the DRIP project

DAMSAFE project: follow-up meeting in Delft - 11/04/2018
iPresas participates in the meeting held in Delft in April

Ignacio Escuder, interviewed by Sector-Ejecutivo magazine - 01/04/2018
The interview, published in March 2018, includes his view on current challenges on dam safety management in Spain and worldwide

iPresas develops a guideline for dam risk analysis and management in India - 08/03/2018
iPresas, in collaboration with EGIS EAU (France), is working on the development of guidelines for risk analysis and management of dams in India.

“Capacity building and institutional strengthening are key issues for a smart infrastructure governance” - 29/01/2018
Ignacio Escuder, interviewed on DD News (National TV Channel in India) after the "2018 International Dam Safety Conference” held in Kerala (India)

iPresas participates during the “International Dam Safety Conference” of India - 26/01/2018
Adrián Morales and Jessica Castillo presented a contribution during the Technical Session T1A and Ignacio Escuder acted as Chairman and invited speaker of Technical Session T1B, both devoted to risk and uncertainty analysis

iPresas software - 2018 demo versions already available - 10/01/2018
iPresas software supports risk-informed dam safety and portfolio management

Ignacio Escuder Bueno, founding-partner of iPresas, new Chairman of SPANCOLD (Spanish National Committee on Large Dams) - 07/12/2017
He was elected in October 2017 during the Plenary meeting held in Madrid and designated by the Minister of Agriculture, Food and Environment on December 5th.

Adrián Morales, iPresas CTO, speaker in the International Forum on Risk Management in Hydroelectric Power Plants - 17/11/2017
The Forum was held at the Salto Grande Hydroelectric Complex in Uruguay.

iPresas analyzes flood risk of Tegucigalpa (Honduras) with an innovative procedure - 15/11/2017
The methodology developed may be applied to other natural risks to quantify economic benefits of investments in risk reduction

Ignacio Escuder participates in the “14th ICOLD International Benchmark Workshop on Numerical Analysis of Dams” - 10/10/2017
The objective of this meeting held in Sweden was to exchange knowledge and experience about safety, planning, design, construction, as well as the operation and maintenance of dams

iPresas participates in the workshop “Water Security in Bulgaria” - 30/09/2017
Adrián Morales, iPresas CTO, invited as keynote speaker in session "Regulatory and Institutional Aspects of Dam Safety".

Adrián Morales, iPresas' CTO, 2017 Young Civil Engineer Award - 02/06/2017
The award was launched at the Headquarters of the Professional Association of Civil Engineers in Valencia on June 1, 2017.

iPresas participates in the V Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction - 28/05/2017
This event, organized by UNISDR, was held in Cancun on May 22-26, 2017.