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iPresas participates in a pilot project in India - 15/12/2016

The DAMSAFE project, "Enhancing Dam Safety and Reservoir Management in India", is coordinated by Deltares, and co-funded by RVO (Netherlands Enterprise Agency).

The overarching goal of the pilot project on a reservoir dam in Karnataka is to enhance dam safety and water management in India.

It involves demonstration of innovative solutions. The time span of the project is 20 months involving a 9 months operational period of demonstration.

The ambition of the DAMSAFE partners is to use this pilot project as a starting point for a long-term cooperation to generate more business in the Indian water (reservoir) sector.

The focus is on integrating solutions from partner companies, Royal Eijkelkamp, SkyGeo and iPresas, to demonstrate their benefits and usefulness to the customers in this sector.